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My experience with FA Fitness has been great and a good laugh. Training has been hard work but well worth it, it has helped me raise my fitness levels to achieve my goal of becoming a Fire Fighter.

I have been using FA Fitness alongside rugby training and in combining the two together I have seen a vast improvement my match fitness and strength.

FA Fitness gives a great induction to gym life and how to use the gym in a proper manner.

I have really enjoyed my time with FA Fitness and I am looking forward to going back in the future.


“When Matt’s initial advert hit our front door mat, I held onto it for a while before making any contact. I suppose I was weighing up whether a personal fitness programme tailored for my specific needs was really required, would be value for money and would achieve all the targets I would set from it. Of course the other big question was that I didn’t know matt (if only I’d known!!).

My initial assessment was not rocket science and I did not require a medical qualification to know I was a middle age fat bloke with high blood pressure who took little constructive exercise and ate a very convenient fast food diet to fit in with a busy lifestyle. Something needed to give………..

Well, six months later and things could not have gone better. I have lost almost two stone, blood pressure has reduced dramatically, resting heart beat is in the zone and recovery time has considerably improved. In mat’s assessment my fitness has improved by 200 per cent.

The real benefit I have gained from working with mat (apart from fitting into old suits!) is being more aware of need to regularly exercise, being conscious of what I eat and perhaps most of all generally feeling far healthier. There’s a long way to go yet but the vast improvements I have seen in the first six months give me encouragement that? Matt will help me set realistic yet challenging targets for the next six months and beyond.

A real lifestyle investment!”


“To start off, me and Matt had a consultation to set our goals for my training and what my objectives were. My sport is Golf so he targeted certain areas where I needed to become stronger, these included building up my shoulders, biceps, legs and core stability so that I can be as controlled as possible when I swing a golf club.

The first time we met up, Matt had made me a programme to suit my needs and went through it with me in detail, explaining the correct posture for each of the exercises, which muscle groups I was working and the correct technique.

I still see Matt twice a week were he pushes me to my limits every time I see him, during the first two months of my training I can already feel lots of improvement in my general strength and stability.

A great service: 10 out of 10”

Callington Community College:

Callington School Sport Partnership have been utilising the expertise of ‘Functionally Aware Fitness’ for just under a year. Matt has delivered a range of activities for the partnership including after school clubs, which have included multi skills, rugby and non contact boxing, Gifted and Talented academies for secondary aged children and training workshops for leadership students.

These activities have been well received and Matt has the ability to both motivate and inspire young people whatever their age. The tasks are clearly explained progressive and really make participants think about the activities and what they need to do to improve. Matt’s knowledge and experience in both fitness and games based activities is evident in his practice which is of a very high standard.

Matt also ran some training session for Launceston hockey club during the summer and I experienced for myself his enthusiasm and energy which is an important feature of all his training sessions. I really enjoyed the training sessions as did the team who trained.

I would recommend Matt and ‘Functionally Aware Fitness’ to anyone no matter what your age or ability. Matt has the skills and knowledge to develop a programme which will be right for you.

Michelle Roberts

Director of Community Sport

Mike Goodman:

“Due to the physical demands of the game of Rugby Union, careful consideration must be taken to the phsical preparation of players in order to inhance performance and prevent occurence of injury. When the opportunity arose to consult with Matt at Functionally Aware Fitness I knew it would be a profitable route, and Matt’s indepth knowledge and passion for the latest training methods have made a huge impact with the players. Following discussions on numerous topics including different methods to reduce the likelyhood of posterior chain injuries and also the importance of single leg exercises to enhance player speed. As a result of this the programs administered here at the Cornish All Blacks have been modified and have seen positive signs with respect to performance.”

Michael Goodman BSc(Hons)

Club Fitness Coach, Cornish All Blacks

Andy & Amanda:

My partner and I have recently completed a five week training programme with FA fitness. We discussed with Matt, our personal trainer what we wanted to achieve, so he could develop are programme. My aim was to make my workouts more dynamic and to learn new techniques, my partner just wanted to increase her overall fitness. Most of our programme concentrated on complete body workouts using the bands, free weights and core strength exercises. Matt really taught us how to add exercises to our programmes that really made a difference to our training. Matt also introduced paired training techniques, exercises we could perform together. This was extremely effective and loads of fun! We can’t wait to train with FA fitness again soon.


“I would not hesitate in recommending Matt Luxton of Functionally Aware Fitness. I enlisted Matt’s services in order to support my entry to HM Forces. Matt provided an in depth consultation process in order to establish a tailor made regime to suit my needs. We then incorporated those findings into a weekly programme, to achieve my goals. Matt provides a friendly motivational structure to work within.

Matt is on hand in between any sessions for support and advice.

I know I can join the HM Forces with every confidence to meet if not exceed the required standards thanks to Matt.”

Andy & Rowena:

We started training with Matt back in March this year and have seen measurable differences.

As we run a pub and restaurant, we have to be fit, flexible and strong. We set goals with Matt in these areas and have noticed the difference – in fact even our Draymen have commented and started exercising themselves!

Matt is fun to work with, he motivates us without bullying or pushing us too far and he changes our routine regularly so that it doesn’t get boring.

The bands are brilliant – we even bought some through Matt and took them on holiday so we could work out in the garden!

We would definitely recommend Matt and fa-fitness to anyone who is considering the idea of joining a gym or investing in a personal trainer.

Andy and Rowena Whiteman

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