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2010 Testimonials

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I enjoyed the dedication & enthusiasm of the trainer & his care & attention to detail and his real concern to address individual needs and overcome postural problems in order to help clients attain their goals! Even though I was not looking forward to weigh in & measuring at the first session I feel that Matt handled this in a very sensitive & professional way that helped put you at ease. The overall experience was extremely positive and although approaching 50 & worried about two prolapsed discs I now feel totally confident that under Matt’s supervision I can get back to exercise & that I will be able to improve my fitness and attain my goals. Can’t wait for the next session!!!


My fitness level has improved dramatically. I enjoy all of the exercises whilst I am feeling better about myself and people say I look much better too. I am looking forward to setting my next goal.


The support, knowledge base and the BURN! Excellent support on and off training, he always answers his phone or rings me back asap, emails me every week and puts together fun training programmes that work. His flexibility is excellent as I have a very demanding job that makes me work long hours and often go beyond them to finish work task.


Matt combines everything that you want to achieve with what he knows that you need to do. I have had 2 other PT’s in the past, and I can honestly say that Matt is the best I have seen, I get results and enjoy the sessions totally. He is very happy to give advice and the sessions I have are very adaptable that I can do some exercises in my own home with no special equipment. I am 100% satisfied and happy with my ongoing training with Matt.


Absolutely professional yet incredibly familiar and friendly. Really very happy with the results and the continuing to enjoy the experience, despite a change in my circumstances and priorities perhaps.


Its fun, hard work and we feel great afterwards. I like loosing fat and gaining muscle, Matt changes our programme regularly which makes it interesting. I have seen a big difference in my muscle and body tone its great to workout with my husband who “competes” with me. Great professional, listening, flexible, non-damaging and adding to my sense of wellbeing. It’s great working out with you Matt – fun and educational- top class.


I love the fact that I am being pushed harder than I can push myself. Also training in different ways than I am used too. Enjoy being pushed to my limit! Very pleased with my progress so far and am looking forward to what the future holds for my level of fitness needed for my sport. Very good trainer, keep it going!!


Matt knew what he was on about, he spent time talking through all the exercises and most of all really worked you hard.I Enjoyed it every time. Excellent service.

Andy C:

I like the Specific targeted training, employing up to date techniques and methodology. It is novel but common sense at the same time. It blows older traditional methods of training out of the water. I would do it every day if possible. It has taken me a little while to fully appreciate the techniques and objectives. Now in conjunction with other forms of training it offers a complete package. The specificity means there is little risk of injury and weaknesses are targeted. Emphasis on form and technique is great.


I enjoy the variety of exercises which are related to my specific needs. Also, the fact you ensure I perform all exercises correctly as well as encouraging me to improve. I hjave enjoyed everything. All sessions are hardworking and fun. I’ve appreciated the heart rate research you have done for me. It’s great working out with my wife aswell.


Matt’s total professionalism and his focus on our specific sporting needs is brilliant. We like the fact that its not a ‘one size fits all’ experience. It has been a really good experience – our first time with a PT and it has not disappointed. Matt is as focused on us now as he was on our first session. He is always going that extra mile to make our sessions tailored to our races and specific triathlon needs. He has never made us feel self conscious, only supported and he is unfailingly professional. Have recommended the service and would continue to do so.


I do really enjoy the type of training and feel pretty fit for a middle aged injured runner, despite not running! Matt you’re an asset to the team at LSTC and I can’t speak highly enough about you when recommending your service.


There is a variety of exercises to keep my attention and interested . Matt is a very motivational and knowledgeable instructor who clearly cares about his clients. The phone calls, text messages and emails in between sessions with Matt helps you keep on track.

Goal Setting and Goal Getting in 2011

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I hope you are well. If you live in Devon and Cornwall, your feet are probably covered in snow right now, but here’s something to warm your mind up if not your feet, well initially anyway. Here is an article that I have written for a local paper this week.

Maybe this article is 2 weeks too early, or is it?! It’s not! The trouble is, far too many people wait until Dec 31st or the first week in January to start taking action. What is wrong with this you may ask?

Well, by the time January comes around and we have all had a great time over Christmas, many people will rush into the garage grab their trainers and the dusty dumbbells might even get dragged out as well! Unfortunately many of us will give very little or no thought about what we are doing, or why we are doing it.

I am going to give you a few top tips on how to set your goals so you can start ‘getting’ them in 2011.

The dictionary definition of a goal is a projected state of affairs that a person plans or intends to achieve. So, goal setting is the process by which you break down your goal into manageable parts and you identify how you will achieve it and how long it will take. Here’s what you need to do.

You need to plan out what you want to achieve and give it a specific time frame. But there’s a more accurate way to summarise it. You need to use the SMART acronym. You need to be Specific in terms of your goal, put numbers to your goals. Make the specific thing be more than just a weight goal. How about a jean size or a particular piece of clothing, or praise from a partner or colleague? The goals need to be Measurable, set specific sizes and make them Attainable and Realistic, so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. It is essential to make them Time framed, i.e. a size 14 by February 1st , a size 12 by March 1st , a size 10 by April 1st . Try to set goals for what you want and not what you think you can get! Think big….but remember that perfection is not achievable, but, excellence is to surpass or go beyond where you are today. So when you are thinking about what you want to do, aim for excellence!

I try to encourage my clients to focus on the process goals, these are goals that will get them to their outcome or end goals. This may be concentrating on giving 100% in their training sessions, having the right mindset when they are training, eating right and following their nutritional plan 100%. I find that when I write down what I want to achieve, I am far more accountable. Tell someone what your goal is, tell as many people as possible what your goals are. Be accountable to something or someone! So when January comes you will be goal getting not just goal setting.

Just a quick reminder that if you want to know how to get the body of your dreams in 2011, I am holding a FREE Seminar, ‘ The REAL Truth About Fat Loss’ on January 11th , starting at 6:30pm. I will be revealing my top tips and providing you with the tools you need to reach your goals in 2011. Please email me at e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to reserve your place, I have 36 left.

I will also be giving you information on how you can get my help throughout 2011 to be in the best shape you have ever been in. I will be revealing details of North Cornwall’s first fitness camp using my BLAST Training Systems TM . Head over to if you want a sneak preview and subscribe for more information at on the top right ‘BLAST FITNESS CAMP INFO’.

Have a great Christmas; it has been my pleasure to give you a little insight into what is needed to live a healthier and more functional lifestyle. See you in January.


P.s. Cut this out and stick it to your fridge!

Eat well, Train Well, Live Well!


Dear Santa please can I have this….

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The gift of Fitness and Health!

No doubt your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is fretting over what to get you this year for Christmas? (Or maybe you are stuck for what to give them?!!)

Don’t let this year’s present from your loved one end up being one that is rendered almost useless within one month of opening it. Take away the burden from them this year or the well known excuse ‘ I couldn’t think of anything’!

I really hope they aren’t reading this!

Anyway, this year I thought I’d help your spouses/relatives out and save them time and effort, I came up with a really cool idea that’ll also ensure Santa brings you something that will benefit you greatly in the new year after all of those mince pies!

Now it may seem a little forward and maybe a little selfish but I’m pretty positive they’ll really appreciate the help and if it’s a bloke your with, it’ll save them from going out on Christmas Eve and buying you the same perfume they get you every year!

Or is it just me that does that?!

Anyway, I think a fitness camp gift voucher is an awesome idea (even if I say so myself!).

All you need to do is tear off the attached ‘letter to Santa’ , fill in the name, age , phone and email , then hand it to said ‘busy person’ and try to stay off the ‘naughty list’ until Santa comes down that chimney!

Hopefully I will be seeing and speaking to you very soon.


PS- I’ll CONGRATULATE you now. While most people are wasting their time and money joining gyms and slimming clubs that don’t get results, You can be dropping pounds, improving your fitness and health week after week and be melting off that post Christmas layer!

Dear Santa,

I’m really excited for Christmas and I hope you haven’t been too busy making toys with your elves.

I hope you enjoyed the Mince pie and glass of sherry I left out for you last year and that Rudolph liked the carrot and milk.

I’ve been really good this year and don’t think I’ve been on the naughty list even once!

I was hoping that since I’ve been so well behaved you’d be able to bring me some lovely presents this year.

I don’t really ask for much but this year I’d REALLY like a gift voucher for Devon and Cornwall’s leading fitness boot camp- BLAST Fitness Camps.

I hope that I’ve been good enough to deserve this and I promise to stay off the naughty list till the end of the year.

If you, Mrs Claus or any of the elves need help getting this just head on over to and use the BLAST FITNESS CAMP INFO ‘subscribe’ button to register an interest, or call Matt on 07841136302 and he’ll be able to help you.

The smellies and socks you left me last year were lovely but this gift would make me really happy and help me get in great shape for 2011 too!

Yours Hopefully,






PS: If you don’t want to get stuck down the chimneys this year, you should give Matt an email too!

wow! Interview with The UK’s Leading Fat Loss Expert

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Hi guys and gals,

I Just thought I would share this with you, as I had a rather interesting interview request this week! I was really privileged and felt quite humbled yet really excited to be asked to do an interview by the UK’s leading fat loss expert- Paul Mort of .

Paul tours the UK and Europe teaching Personal Trainers and fitness instructors how to get great results and he’s personally mentored me.

Here’s some of the interview we did:

PM: So Matt , can you tell us a little bit about how you got into the business of weight loss and a little about your journey. I know you love to keep in the best shape possible.

ML: Hi Paul firstly thanks for asking me to talk to you about my journey fitness profession. I feel that perhaps compared to others mine is relatively short and I still learn every day but I have learnt a lot in that time! I really got into Personal Training about 2 years ago, when I started my company, Functionally Aware Fitness, based in Launceston, Cornwall. Things really haven’t looked back since; I have built up a very committed and successful client base that has really reaped the rewards of structured and systemized training.

I actually started my fitness journey back at 16 where I worked at my local leisure centre as a gym instructor giving generic gym inductions; I knew then that I wanted more! I then went to University in Cardiff to study Sport and PE and continued my vocational fitness qualifications. I then went to Los Angeles, to work at the world famous Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach, you know the one where Arnie trained?! It was nuts! I learnt a lot and this really showed me the direction I wanted to go in! I travelled to Long beach whilst I was there and attended the World Functional Training Summit hosted by Perform Better. I met so many awesome trainers and coaches here, and one of them was JC Santana. I needed to find out more, so I invested in a mentorship with JC at his world famous Institute of Human Performance and had the best week of my life. That guy, is so humble and knowledgeable, it’s ridiculous!! Here I took my Functional Training Specialist qualification and headed back to UK with some awesome ideas.

Since then I have been working with my clients to help them shed body fat in a fast, safe and sustainable way which has helped me to develop to where I am currently. I actually put together an online fat loss programme, which people are following at the moment. It has daily emails, videos, a nutritional plan, and much more with typical results ranging from 7lbs-22lbs lost in 4 weeks, with inches lost all over but particularly round the midrift and hips!

Today, I am really enjoying the variety of clientele I have and it keeps me buzzing and striving for more each day, Love it!!haha

PM: Wow, you really have ‘been there, done that’ in a very quick time frame. Now let’s get into the meat of the interview. What would you say are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT things when it comes to losing body fat?

ML: wow!! Well that’s a great question, I would say that there are way more than three, but if I had to pick three?!!…..

Umm… well firstly, you have to eliminate all sources of intolerance, whether it is dairy, wheat, alcohol, chocolate, processed foods, pasta etc it doesn’t matter. You need to eat clean, wholesome foods, high in nutrient value as opposed to calorific value. You really need bang for your buck when it comes to eating well.

Secondly, you need to choose the right intensity of exercise! A lot of people simply don’t train hard enough. My moto is, ‘if you are healthy, you must train hard’. What I mean is that you dint have to beast yourself every day, but none of this 30 minutes steady stuff on the treadmill, followed by 15 minutes steady on the bike, that’s a waste of your time and money!

The third…well this could one of a few but I will stick my neck out and say perseverance. I think you have to go through some tough periods of training where some results are not as great as others, but all of a sudden, BANG, you will blast through that and come running out of the other side. So when it gets tough, pick yourself up and kick ass!

PM: Great stuff. So what would you say are the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES you’re seeing people make?

ML: That’s a bit easier Paul, too much sugar, too little sleep and a lack of preparation. Sugar came to my mind first as this is such a hidden horror when it comes to fat loss, as people read the packet and see low fat, but that instantly says to me high in sugar! As you know sugar is responsible for the insulin spike that leads to massive fat storage. The sleep is crucial as well. Cortisol another hormone , responsible for a lot of fat storage and the depression of our thyroid , which is supposed to keep us happy and keep our metabolism revved up to the max! Cortisol also tells our body to hold on to fat and sugar and use protein as an energy source. Disaster! It feels weird me telling you this Paul, but I guess your readers may enjoy reading it, but cortisol rises between 10pm and 2 am and this time is crucial for mental and physical repair and by going to bed you have instantly halved your potential to repair and replenish your body. You do need to be shooting for 7-8 hours per night and get into bed around 10pm at least 4 nights per week. Preparation, it’s a cliché, but ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. It’s so true though, when you are trying to lose body fat you cannot afford to get caught short when it comes to your food and exercise routine. Lack of prep in the kitchen means you will choose sugary snacks when you get low on energy, horrific for insulin levels and the nutritional stress you are placing on your body! When it comes to exercise, you need to have a planned and periodised programme otherwise you don’t know what you are doing from one session to the next! Not good, you wouldn’t get on a plane if you didn’t know where it was going would you!! Well some people might I guess.

PM: you know, I see those all the time too and it makes me a little sad. So what would you say to motivate someone to finally get into great shape, even if they’ve tried everything?

ML: I would say that ultimately, you get one crack in this world, be the best you can! Don’t take the easy option, strive something better each time. Try to be really good at one thing to start with and be determined. One thing I am instilling with my clients is that they are in control of the processes that will ultimately lead them to their end goal. What I mean is, go to your PT sessions, do your home workouts, follow your nutritional plan given to you and you will end up at your end goal, but focus on the how and not the result, as you are in control of the process but not necessarily the end result!

PM: You have been telling me that you are going to starting your fitness camps in the 2011. Can you tell me a little bit more about them and the training and nutrition plan that seems to be getting superb results?

ML: Yea sure, again I feel honoured that you want to know what I am doing, seeing as you are the UK’s leading boot camp owner. Right, I am in the early stages of the prep for it, but I have got the nutritional plan ready for the camp members, the sessions are almost there, just need a venue for my evening camps, got the morning one sorted. I am setting up a community network for my camp members so they can have a sense of community and share ideas and get to know more people. One of my goals for 2011 is to reach more people in 2011 and this is going to help a lot of people, I hope! I have sorted out a link with a local restaurant as well. They will be serving food that’s fully compliant with my nutritional plan; this will be amazing I am so excited about that! What else……..I guess this will be very different to a show up when you want class, I am not into that at all! So my fitness camp won’t be for everyone, I expect commitment and dedication; it’s a two way thing though, as you know, because this is similar to the model you use in South Shields!

PM: Sounds amazing, in fact a lot of the principles make complete sense. So where can people find out more about you?

ML: yea, if they head over to and use the contact us page or they can email me at e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will personally respond. If they want they can call me on 07841136302 and will be more than happy to help.

PM: Thanks so much for your time Matt, amazing stuff you are doing down there, hopefully we can hook up soon.

ML: My pleasure Paul, take it steady.

IHP – Day 5

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One word.


It’s extremely hard to explain just how amazing this past week has been. Mind blowing stuff, and capped off this afternoon with the most intense, and stimulating lecture I have ever experienced. I’ll take you back to the start of today.

We got to IHP bright and early this morning, and managed to get in a sneaky workout prior to the start of the days program, which really set us up for the day. The morning kicked off with a lecture from Elvin, another one of IHP’s fantastic trainers. We looked through business skills, the importance of education, philosophy, and communication through JC’s CLUEPRO model.

We then had a session with Cesar in which we went through the Fitmoves protocols. This is an excellent way to train people in small groups for an amazing aerobic and strength workout at the same time, and follows the 4 pillars of human movement also. The way it works is an aerobic exercise in the centre (such as stepping, crossovers, skipping, or a million other methods), and then one exercise for each pillar of human movement around the outside (so one push/pull, one locomotion, one rotation and one level change). This is the very same method of training that Cesar used himself prior to becoming an IHP trainer, and lost 3 stone in fat, and now stands in incredible shape. Bottom line = IT WORKS! He then took us through a few other protocols and methods of training, and threw in a bunch of cool aerobic exercises too.

After that, we had a little time off, which enabled us to get a little prep in ready for our Functional Training Specialist exam which we were set to complete in the evening. Following on from that, JC gave an inspirational lecture, in which he developed what Elvin had already gone through with regard to business and philosophy, and then went into the 4 L’s. Live, Love, Learn, and Legacy. To some, initially, these will just be words, but when interpreted and developed upon in the manner in which JC has done, you can see how each one has helped forge the legacy that is IHP and JC Santana. When broken down as they have been, those 4 words are all you need to worry about in business and in life, and by ensuring all 4 are as good as is humanly possible, success is there for you, whether you’re wanting to make £1 million, lose 10lbs, become a professional athlete, or simply maximise your human potential.

An hour or so after this lecture, the three of us from the UK sat the Functional Training Specialist Exam, and JC was so excited to see the results that he had them marked within the hour. The result? All passed with flying colours and we have now become the ONLY people in the whole of EUROPE with this certification, and everything that it and IHP stands for. This however is just the beginning, as the journey is longer than a week, longer than a year, longer than 10 years. But for now, what’s next is this. In July 2010, myself, Andy Sloan, and Danny Hague have been invited to come back out here to Florida as assistant coaches for the next IHP International Mentorship. The opportunity to help other people from the all over the globe to gain what we have in this week is a real honour and privilege, and we can’t wait to get back out here.

Tomorrow we’re popping back down to IHP with JC to hammer some last minute training, but then it’s back to the UK, ready to give YOU, even more amazing results.

I’ll soon be posting a pile of videos from the week so that you can get even more insight into what’s been happening here, as well as an interview with JC that we have just come back from filming.

Have a great day.



IHP – Day 4

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Day 4……this week is going far too fast! JC picks us up from the hotel and we head to IHP, with some Santana (the guitarist) music in the background on the CD player.

The first lecture was taken by JC, this was probably the best so far…not quite sure how they keep getting better and better but they do! We learnt about programme design and the stages required to optimise performance. With this we learnt how to adapt this to help clientele with limited time or specific individual needs.

We discussed the volumes and frequency required to train each sub section of a programme in a progressive manor. We later focused on power; this can be a combination of force and speed or amount of work done in a specific amount of time. JC shared with us some of his latest findings from the training floor about how to improve power and how to measure increases in power just using a stop watch to record time. This kind of information is not in any books, journals or any publications at present, so it is great to get our hands on this to give our clients the benefit as early as possible.

JC presented us with a very clear and easy to follow template for programme design that takes all the element of risk of leaving a particular movement pattern out of a training programme away. We then talked about the transfer from training room to outside world. JC then discussed his opinions on the need to not over emphasise the increase in absolute strength but more to develop strength you can use. For example, on a rugby field it’s unlikely that you will need to pick up more than 200Kg, so there is no need to keep striving to improve this 200kg figure, why not strive to improve your ability to pick someone up and throw them backwards. This is where the functional exercises give you the edge, transferring absolute strength into something you can use in whatever situation it may be. He is not saying that you don’t need to be absolutely strong to perform well, but when you get to this level, perhaps it’s more beneficial to work on transferring this into a powerful specific movement, rather than worrying whether you can lift 5Lb’s more!

JC also shared his views on the over training culturisation that surrounds swimming and endurance sports. He proposed that most endurance athletes train too much because they believe that because this is how it was done before, and internationally, this is how they do it in my country so this is how I must train! We need to replace high quantity with high quality. Ultimately it’s not the person who trains the most that wins; it’s the person whose training is most effective that will win!

A practical illustration of this is a swimmer who does a 30 length warm up and swims 10 x 100m and 5 x 150m sprints. If the swimmers event is 50m, then why not train at the pace you want to achieve but for shorter distances, so you know how it feels to go at that pace not at sub maximal paces over distances that aren’t even applicable to your sport.

Right that’s it for me…..tomorrow is the last day…lectures and practical in the morning, then the Functional Training Specialist exam and then a workout with JC to finish me off.

Catch you tomorrow



IHP – Day 3

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Wednesday started early with an observation of Conan Silveira, ( the owner of the American Top Team workout. This was another chance to see the triplexes (combination of 3 exercises) in action, with a strength emphasis. He was doing a heavy exercise, followed by a cable/band exercise then followed with a Stability ball exercise. All of these exercises were specific to the movements performed in MMA.

The first lecture of the day was with Griff Fig, IHP’s most senior trainer. Griff discussed the need for rotation exercises for the improvement of speed. This was illustrated with a video analysis of a top Olympic sprinter. This rotation is a result of core strength from the ground up, so implications in terms of core exercise prescription need to be based around exercises that are performed in a standing position.

We then discussed various warm ups and how to integrate dynamic movements that are specific to the movements performed in the actual working sets. Griff then highlighted how traditional exercises can be paired with functional exercises to provide the performance related gains that every client is looking for.

The afternoon session was a practical with Cesar (another excellent IHP Trainer) and this was a chance for us to feel how a biplex (e.g. 2 exercises- one traditional paired with a functional exercise working opposite muscle groups) or a Triplex (e.g. Pushing exercise followed by a pulling and a core exercise) session would be for a client. I really like the triplex as it allows the fitness professional to create a great balance between upper and lower body work and upper or lower body balance/core work.

I then finished off the day with a Legs dominated training session with Cesar, based around the biplex method. I concentrated on a heavy first exercise followed by a functional exercise for the back of the core, as my abs were on fire from Tuesday. Here’s how it looked!

1. Barbell Squats (3×12) (Heavy legs)

2. Reverse Hyperextensions on Stability Ball (3 x 15) (Functional back)

1. Dumbell Split Squat (3×10 each leg) (Heavy legs)

2. Band Swimmers to Bicep Curl (3 x 15) (Functional back)

1. Barbell Deadlift (3 x 10) (Heavy Legs)

2. Band Step & Press (3 x 20) (Functional chest and front core)

Wednesday night was the IHP Mentorship social where the trainers, ‘mentorees’ and JC went out for the evening. This was a great chance to find out more about the diverse backgrounds and interests that all the trainers have, which is what makes IHP such a special place and is one of the reasons why IHP’s Training Systems are the best in the world, proven by results!

Speak soon



IHP – Day2

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Day 2 started with a workout with JC, we did 5 exercises in a circuit, with 30 seconds work and 15seconds rest for 40 minutes nonstop! This included ropes, stability balls, grip trainers, slings, hydraulic push pulls and a lot of effort! So we were all set up nicely for the day!

The first seminar of the day was a one where we discussed the biomechanics of the core musculature and the applied applications for a number of exercises and movement patterns. Carlos, explained also, the implications when we are trying to improve the performance of various movements for our clients.

Once we had finished this we had the privilege of being invited to watch the American Top Team training. For those of you who haven’t heard off the ATT, they are Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fight Championship professional fighters. We observed a conditioning session and talked with the fighters after the session, gaining a great insight into some different ways to condition and train for different movements.

Then we headed back to IHP and we discussed Body weight training circuits, both indoors and outdoors. Cesar, one of IHP’s top trainers discussed the design of top circuits for improving agility and body composition, which will be an invaluable reference tool for when we get back to the UK.

We finished the day with a brutal session of short but very intense sprints towing a 150lb tyre! Look out for pictures and videos soon!

Take care



IHP – Day 1

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So here we are at the end of day 1 of our IHP mentorship, and we have started with a bang.

First up was the great man himself, JC Santana, discussing the IHP philosophy and the 4 pillars of human movement. This basically defines the way in which we move as individuals, ranging from top level athletes to the elderly. At IHP and Functionally Aware Fitness we train movements not individual muscles. Heres a brief outline of the 4 Pillars:

  • Locomotion- being the way in which we move
  • Pushing/Pulling
  • Level Changes-moving the bodies center of mass
  • Rotation

These 4 categories enable us as fitness professionals to design training programmes for clients that get great results. This allow us to assess muscular strengths and weaknesses and implement progressive training exercises and protocols for anyone. We then spent an hour with one of IHP’s senior trainers, where we looked at functional assessment methods, addressing posture and correct techinques for key movement patterns.

The day then moved to a practical element where we were observing and taking part in the UFC Fighter training circuits , getting to rub shoulders and train with some of the top fighters in UFC, including Cole Miller, a recent winner of the best submission in the UFC. It was great to see the 4 pillars in action and at the same time as you see a young tennis hopeful and an OAP using the same philosophy, but with different exercises and intensities.

The end of the day finished with a Professional volleyball circuit. This was a circuit that was designed to really improve all aspects of strength and conditioning needed for beach volleyball. These included an integration of some of the more succesful traditional exercises, with some of the latest functional exercises really mimicing the movements in the sport.

Tommorrow is going to start with a bang, 7:30am where Myself, Andy, Joel and Danny are having a training session with Carlos Santana.

Catch you all tomorrow.


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