2011 Testimonials

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Anne Underwood

Anne Underwood trained with Matt Luxton for Dragon Boat CompetitionIn a society which seems so overwhelmed by negativity, here’s a real dose of positivity and a demonstration of what you can do if you put your mind to it! Here is an article written by an amazing client of mine……




Training for Senior Womens Dragon Boat Racing Team

25th August 2011

Anne Underwood

I have just returned from Tampa Bay in Florida where I took part in the Dragon Boat World Championships! It is an experience I shall never forget as we were competing against the top athletes in the world. We have gained incredible experience, which stand us in good stead for the European Championships next summer.

We were beaten by the Canadians, Australians, USA and Germany all are awesome teams.

The races are:
sprints of 200 metre and 500 metres,
Longer races of 1000 metres and 2000 metres.

As the races involve heats, semi and finals all on one day, endurance plays a large role alongside strength and speed.


I am 55 years old, a mother of four and grandmother to three girls.
As my youngest child left home to go to university I began to look around for a hobby to take up.
I have always enjoyed competitive sport and when I was 19 years I represented England in the national Women’s Basketball Team.

3 years ago, I attended a fun day to try out Dragon Boat racing. There are 20 paddlers in a boat with a drummer at the front and the helm at the back. The boat has a dragons head and tail. Scales are painted on the side they are truly beautiful boats. Fully laden the boat can weigh one and a half tons!

I happen to be the right build for this sport and I soon began to take it very seriously. I joined the Exe-Calibre Team in Exeter and began training hard on and off the water.
However, training was difficult. I was working full time and attending the club sessions three times a week. I was overweight and unfit.
Nevertheless, I decided to go for the GB senior womens (over 40) trials in May 2010. The aim: to give me experience. I was not expecting to get into the team.

The time trials were held at Hemel Hempstead and involved paddling 500 metre on your own in an O1. Individual times are totaled. The fastest 20 paddlers are selected for the team.

By some miracle I pulled off a fast time and was in the team!

I felt sheer panic and started training daily, swimming at 6:00am, running, paddling on my own 3 times a week, team paddling 3 times a week – plus a full time job I found I was beginning to feel ill, wasn’t performing well and I was still over weight!

I talked to Gary initially he gave me insight into fuelling the body and replacing nutrients after training and he suggested I get in touch with Matt.

I struggled on with training and got to the Europeans with the team where we achieved a silver and bronze medal.

I returned from the Europeans knowing it would be really difficult to get selected again for the world championships. I would be a year older, the sport was becoming more popular and the average age of our team was dropping to be nearer 40 than 50yrs!

I met with Matt. I wasnt convinced I could get fitter and I needed to knock 6 seconds of my average time trial time to be sure of a place in the team. I knew I was still over weight and a voice in my head said I was too old to attempt to get into a GB squad anyway.

Matt said he would give it a go. Matt was amazing. He looked up the sport and worked out the muscle groups needed for me to go faster and began to set a programme that would bring me up to speed fitness for the May trials and peak fitness for the world championships (if I got in) in August of the following year – 2011.

I then started having real doubts:

1. It is hard training – I would be on the water in the early hours 6.00am in the dark with a headlight, I would team up with a buddy for safety, but it was gruelling in the winter months in icy conditions. Even in a team sport there is a lot of training on your own. Motivation during the winter months is a real problem.
2. Would I be motivated to do the home programme set by Matt?
3. I suddenly started getting aches and pains everywhere and that voice in my head said I was mad to be trying this.
4. I usually felt really bad before my sessions with Matt and kept wanting to cancel the training – which took place at 7.00am. I thought I couldn’t do it or I wouldnt manage to last the hour (I never did cancel).

What Drove Me To Continue:

1. Matts programme was very structured and tailor made for my own abilities and needs.

He took into account what I wanted to do:

1. To go Faster
2. To have excellent technique which meant holistic training as the whole body is involved in each stroke.
3. To lose weight I noticed Matt was uninterested in this he suggested to me that would happen anyway as I became fitter. He did suggest the Hot to Trot programme, which I took on board and it made a massive difference to me as I began to eat the foods necessary and cut out the rubbish.

1. I gradually began to feel fitter.

As the weight training programme took hold, I began to change shape and shed weight.

I felt great. For a month I cut out wheat, gluten, sugar, caffine, alcohol and then gradually included them to see how they affected me.

I never went back to caffine and alcohol!

I adopted the Hot to Trot nutritional plan.

I found that training in the O1 (my own boat) felt different as I was lighter and more mobile – I went faster. My fitness improved consistently.
In the team boat I found recovery between races improved- I was more mobile and my technique was improving.

I have lost over two stone since last year and inches have disappeared!


My aim in the time trial was to go 5 secs faster I actually went 14 secs faster and was easily selected into the crew for the world championships.

My nutrition before and after races were much improved and I found I had good energy levels and recovery, even when racing in Florida in 100degrees.

I am so proud to have represented GB in the world championships. To have raced and felt in top form was brilliant I loved every minute of the competitions.

I would like to thank Matt with his training programme for helping me to achieve what I thought was an impossible goal. I am not finished yet I know I can paddle faster.

European Championships are next August


That is awesome Anne, I absolutely look forward to every session that I coach Anne, she is a tremendous example of all the core values I hold within my fitness business. Commitment, dedication, persistance and challenge!

I am excited about getting Anne in phenomenal shape for next years World Championships.

If you want a sneak preview of some of the principles that underpin the success that Anne has got I will be held a seminar on Friday 2nd September, 7:15pm at the Eagle House Hotel, Launceston. It was FREE but I asked attendee’s gave generously to the chosen charity for the evening, Childrens Hospice Southwest.

To view part 1 of the seminar CLICK HERE.






Semi Private Fitness Coaching Testimonials

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Kevin & Lavina

Dan & Richard

Mike & Nicky

2010 Testimonials

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I enjoyed the dedication & enthusiasm of the trainer & his care & attention to detail and his real concern to address individual needs and overcome postural problems in order to help clients attain their goals! Even though I was not looking forward to weigh in & measuring at the first session I feel that Matt handled this in a very sensitive & professional way that helped put you at ease. The overall experience was extremely positive and although approaching 50 & worried about two prolapsed discs I now feel totally confident that under Matt’s supervision I can get back to exercise & that I will be able to improve my fitness and attain my goals. Can’t wait for the next session!!!


My fitness level has improved dramatically. I enjoy all of the exercises whilst I am feeling better about myself and people say I look much better too. I am looking forward to setting my next goal.


The support, knowledge base and the BURN! Excellent support on and off training, he always answers his phone or rings me back asap, emails me every week and puts together fun training programmes that work. His flexibility is excellent as I have a very demanding job that makes me work long hours and often go beyond them to finish work task.


Matt combines everything that you want to achieve with what he knows that you need to do. I have had 2 other PT’s in the past, and I can honestly say that Matt is the best I have seen, I get results and enjoy the sessions totally. He is very happy to give advice and the sessions I have are very adaptable that I can do some exercises in my own home with no special equipment. I am 100% satisfied and happy with my ongoing training with Matt.


Absolutely professional yet incredibly familiar and friendly. Really very happy with the results and the continuing to enjoy the experience, despite a change in my circumstances and priorities perhaps.


Its fun, hard work and we feel great afterwards. I like loosing fat and gaining muscle, Matt changes our programme regularly which makes it interesting. I have seen a big difference in my muscle and body tone its great to workout with my husband who “competes” with me. Great professional, listening, flexible, non-damaging and adding to my sense of wellbeing. It’s great working out with you Matt – fun and educational- top class.


I love the fact that I am being pushed harder than I can push myself. Also training in different ways than I am used too. Enjoy being pushed to my limit! Very pleased with my progress so far and am looking forward to what the future holds for my level of fitness needed for my sport. Very good trainer, keep it going!!


Matt knew what he was on about, he spent time talking through all the exercises and most of all really worked you hard.I Enjoyed it every time. Excellent service.

Andy C:

I like the Specific targeted training, employing up to date techniques and methodology. It is novel but common sense at the same time. It blows older traditional methods of training out of the water. I would do it every day if possible. It has taken me a little while to fully appreciate the techniques and objectives. Now in conjunction with other forms of training it offers a complete package. The specificity means there is little risk of injury and weaknesses are targeted. Emphasis on form and technique is great.


I enjoy the variety of exercises which are related to my specific needs. Also, the fact you ensure I perform all exercises correctly as well as encouraging me to improve. I hjave enjoyed everything. All sessions are hardworking and fun. I’ve appreciated the heart rate research you have done for me. It’s great working out with my wife aswell.


Matt’s total professionalism and his focus on our specific sporting needs is brilliant. We like the fact that its not a ‘one size fits all’ experience. It has been a really good experience – our first time with a PT and it has not disappointed. Matt is as focused on us now as he was on our first session. He is always going that extra mile to make our sessions tailored to our races and specific triathlon needs. He has never made us feel self conscious, only supported and he is unfailingly professional. Have recommended the service and would continue to do so.


I do really enjoy the type of training and feel pretty fit for a middle aged injured runner, despite not running! Matt you’re an asset to the team at LSTC and I can’t speak highly enough about you when recommending your service.


There is a variety of exercises to keep my attention and interested . Matt is a very motivational and knowledgeable instructor who clearly cares about his clients. The phone calls, text messages and emails in between sessions with Matt helps you keep on track.

2009 Testimonials

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My experience with FA Fitness has been great and a good laugh. Training has been hard work but well worth it, it has helped me raise my fitness levels to achieve my goal of becoming a Fire Fighter.

I have been using FA Fitness alongside rugby training and in combining the two together I have seen a vast improvement my match fitness and strength.

FA Fitness gives a great induction to gym life and how to use the gym in a proper manner.

I have really enjoyed my time with FA Fitness and I am looking forward to going back in the future.


“When Matt’s initial advert hit our front door mat, I held onto it for a while before making any contact. I suppose I was weighing up whether a personal fitness programme tailored for my specific needs was really required, would be value for money and would achieve all the targets I would set from it. Of course the other big question was that I didn’t know matt (if only I’d known!!).

My initial assessment was not rocket science and I did not require a medical qualification to know I was a middle age fat bloke with high blood pressure who took little constructive exercise and ate a very convenient fast food diet to fit in with a busy lifestyle. Something needed to give………..

Well, six months later and things could not have gone better. I have lost almost two stone, blood pressure has reduced dramatically, resting heart beat is in the zone and recovery time has considerably improved. In mat’s assessment my fitness has improved by 200 per cent.

The real benefit I have gained from working with mat (apart from fitting into old suits!) is being more aware of need to regularly exercise, being conscious of what I eat and perhaps most of all generally feeling far healthier. There’s a long way to go yet but the vast improvements I have seen in the first six months give me encouragement that? Matt will help me set realistic yet challenging targets for the next six months and beyond.

A real lifestyle investment!”


“To start off, me and Matt had a consultation to set our goals for my training and what my objectives were. My sport is Golf so he targeted certain areas where I needed to become stronger, these included building up my shoulders, biceps, legs and core stability so that I can be as controlled as possible when I swing a golf club.

The first time we met up, Matt had made me a programme to suit my needs and went through it with me in detail, explaining the correct posture for each of the exercises, which muscle groups I was working and the correct technique.

I still see Matt twice a week were he pushes me to my limits every time I see him, during the first two months of my training I can already feel lots of improvement in my general strength and stability.

A great service: 10 out of 10”

Callington Community College:

Callington School Sport Partnership have been utilising the expertise of ‘Functionally Aware Fitness’ for just under a year. Matt has delivered a range of activities for the partnership including after school clubs, which have included multi skills, rugby and non contact boxing, Gifted and Talented academies for secondary aged children and training workshops for leadership students.

These activities have been well received and Matt has the ability to both motivate and inspire young people whatever their age. The tasks are clearly explained progressive and really make participants think about the activities and what they need to do to improve. Matt’s knowledge and experience in both fitness and games based activities is evident in his practice which is of a very high standard.

Matt also ran some training session for Launceston hockey club during the summer and I experienced for myself his enthusiasm and energy which is an important feature of all his training sessions. I really enjoyed the training sessions as did the team who trained.

I would recommend Matt and ‘Functionally Aware Fitness’ to anyone no matter what your age or ability. Matt has the skills and knowledge to develop a programme which will be right for you.

Michelle Roberts

Director of Community Sport

Mike Goodman:

“Due to the physical demands of the game of Rugby Union, careful consideration must be taken to the phsical preparation of players in order to inhance performance and prevent occurence of injury. When the opportunity arose to consult with Matt at Functionally Aware Fitness I knew it would be a profitable route, and Matt’s indepth knowledge and passion for the latest training methods have made a huge impact with the players. Following discussions on numerous topics including different methods to reduce the likelyhood of posterior chain injuries and also the importance of single leg exercises to enhance player speed. As a result of this the programs administered here at the Cornish All Blacks have been modified and have seen positive signs with respect to performance.”

Michael Goodman BSc(Hons)

Club Fitness Coach, Cornish All Blacks

Andy & Amanda:

My partner and I have recently completed a five week training programme with FA fitness. We discussed with Matt, our personal trainer what we wanted to achieve, so he could develop are programme. My aim was to make my workouts more dynamic and to learn new techniques, my partner just wanted to increase her overall fitness. Most of our programme concentrated on complete body workouts using the bands, free weights and core strength exercises. Matt really taught us how to add exercises to our programmes that really made a difference to our training. Matt also introduced paired training techniques, exercises we could perform together. This was extremely effective and loads of fun! We can’t wait to train with FA fitness again soon.


“I would not hesitate in recommending Matt Luxton of Functionally Aware Fitness. I enlisted Matt’s services in order to support my entry to HM Forces. Matt provided an in depth consultation process in order to establish a tailor made regime to suit my needs. We then incorporated those findings into a weekly programme, to achieve my goals. Matt provides a friendly motivational structure to work within.

Matt is on hand in between any sessions for support and advice.

I know I can join the HM Forces with every confidence to meet if not exceed the required standards thanks to Matt.”

Andy & Rowena:

We started training with Matt back in March this year and have seen measurable differences.

As we run a pub and restaurant, we have to be fit, flexible and strong. We set goals with Matt in these areas and have noticed the difference – in fact even our Draymen have commented and started exercising themselves!

Matt is fun to work with, he motivates us without bullying or pushing us too far and he changes our routine regularly so that it doesn’t get boring.

The bands are brilliant – we even bought some through Matt and took them on holiday so we could work out in the garden!

We would definitely recommend Matt and fa-fitness to anyone who is considering the idea of joining a gym or investing in a personal trainer.

Andy and Rowena Whiteman

Launceston Hockey Club

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Launceston Hockey Club, FA Fitness Sport Specific Training, Matt Luxton, Nutritional guidance, Results Driven System

Launceston Hockey Club Finishes 2nd

Gold’s Gym Testimonial

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Matt Luxton, Launceston Personal Trainer, FA Fitness

Testimonial from Gold's Gym

Matt Luxton’s Hot to Trot Cookbook