Semi-Private Personal Fitness Coaching

‘Semi Private Personal Fitness Coaching’


With all the doom and gloom that seems to be around in the media at the moment regarding the state of the nation, I have good news.


I have been hard at work putting together a package that will help those people who have previously been on the waiting list for Personal Training at the FA Fitness Studio.


Up until now we have had purely 1-1 training at the studio in Launceston. With this came the problem of certain times being very popular due to the work and lifestyle commitments of our clients. This has often resulted in you having to wait for your slot to become available. Not ideal I know, as I am for one all about taking action on your desires!


So I have put together a very exciting package known as ‘Semi-Private Personal Fitness Coaching’


How does it work?

So once you have filled out the online survey your trainer will contact you to arrange a consultation. Here you will discuss your goals and decide upon a start date. This will be the day that you begin your journey to a healthier you and the commitment between you and your trainer becomes real.

Each session will be planned and scheduled in advance. You will be paired with another client to share the allotted time.

DONT WORRY, it doesn’t matter if your fitness levels are different to the other person as you will be following different programmes. In fact the social support and friendship you build is likely to really help you along the way.

You will receive all the support materials including:

-          The Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan

-          A FREE  Home Personal Training Plan

-          Access to the VIP Members area with all the articles and support videos provided by your trainer.

-          The 28 Day FA Fitness E-coaching course.

-          Discounted access to the now well renowned BLAST Fitness Camps.

-          Plus much more

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Semi-Private Personal Training


What does it involve?


-          You receive one intensive instructional coaching session a week working on your specific needs and goals in a semi-private setting. This means you get the consistency you need to acquire the best health possible. This will be instructed by your coach.


-          You will have a programme that fits with our BLAST Training Systems that are run over a 5 week progressive time scale.


-          Before commencing the training you will undergo a thorough assessment that addresses posture, lifestyle habits, fitness levels and mindset. At FA Fitness we utilise the Kinetic Chain Assessment which helps us to identify the potential ‘brakes’ in your system and allows us to provide you with a tailor made programme.


Currently we offer this service based at The FA Fitness Training Studio in Launceston. This studio has been a great environment for all of our clients to achieve their very best. You will find a clean, well maintained environment that is a breeding ground for results and a second to none experience.

The personal training studio has a selection of ‘gym equipment’ that allows movement to happen naturally. So you will find kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, medicines balls, suspension trainers and Olympic weights. We have a limited selection of ‘cardio’ machines, namely a rower and a versa climber, which are used for interval based training.

Over the past three years I have been extremely proud of the fact that we offer a friendly and client focussed training facility. We don’t have row upon row of exercise machines. The human body moves in 3 dimensional directions and machines limit this to forwards and backward or up and down. Long term such restrictions in human movement will lead to joint pain and injury.

All our personal training programs are based upon these 3 dimensional principles and for that reason I only kit it out with pieces of exercise equipment that are true to human movement.


Lastly, another bonus of this system is that it will save you money on the normal price of 1-1 coaching. In fact you will save yourself £15 per session.

The initial programme which consists of 1 x Assessment (£47) and 10 x Semi – Private Coaching Sessions (£25). The initial 10 week programme costs £297.

Thereafter the sessions are booked in 10 session blocks at £250.

Your Journey Snap shot

Your journey to the healthier, fitter and happier you that you deserve and your family needs will be something that you will hold with you forever. This is how your actions will look in real terms over the first weeks of your training.

  1. Firstly you need to complete the ONLINE CLIENT SURVEY. Your trainer will then contact you to arrange your initial consultation.
  2. Have your Initial Consultation with your trainer to discuss your wants and needs and ultimately decide on your goals.
  3. Have your health and fitness assessment. This includes the gold standard in terms of postural analysis, the Kinetic Chain Assessment and all other health related tests that your trainer deems appropriate in line with your goals. This session is carried out individually with just you and your coach present.
  4. The next session will see you at the studio ready to start your individualised programme.

HERE are a selection of my clients who have already benefited from training with a training partner.


My problem

With limited space and availability these semi private sessions are fast becoming booked up, so I would urge you to take action immediately if you are serious about getting in great shape, so that I can act as fast as possible to help you. So as soon as you can head HERE and get your enquiry form filled in.

I am looking forward to working with you.

My Best




P.s We have found this to be a great option for those in need of added motivation and this coupled with the abundance of stimulation already offered by your trainer, has produced great results. We have clients with similar goals who love and thrive in this environment as they can share the fun experience with others. It also helps to spread the cost of training.

Semi-Private Personal Training, FA Fitness

Semi-Private Personal Training

Here’s what Andy and Amanda had to say about their experience with FA-Fitness:

“My partner and I have recently completed a five week training programme with FA fitness. We discussed with Matt, our personal trainer what we wanted to achieve, so he could develop are programme. My aim was to make my workouts more dynamic and to learn new techniques, my partner just wanted to increase her overall fitness. Most of our programme concentrated on complete body workouts using the bands, free weights and core strength exercises. Matt really taught us how to add exercises to our programmes that really made a difference to our training. Matt also introduced paired training techniques, exercises we could perform together. This was extremely effective and loads of fun! We can’t wait to train with FA fitness again soon.”

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