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Functional training is a style of training that allows clients to experience the best possible improvements through training movements not muscles. This enables us to strengthen specifically based on our lifestyle requirements. This style of training allows us to integrate some of the more successful traditional methods with the more contemporary functional methods. This style of training has brought and is continuing to bring great results to our clients at FA-Fitness and makes for a fun and productive session, which does not have to involve sitting at a machine, boring you to tears and talking for 10 minutes between sets! This integration of training styles is supported by JC Santana in his Breaking The Bonds Of Traditionalism Book;

Functional training is the most effective approach to performance enhancement, but not to the exclusion of all other approaches to training. Functional training must dominate that scheme within an integrated paradigm (programme). (P175)

The very nature of functional training allows us to adapt the movement very quickly for whatever reason. If there is discomfort we can adapt it, which can be very difficult if you are stuck in a machine, where the ergonomics determine your body position.

The assessment methods used include careful examination of movements that we need to use in everyday life, the results from this allow us to tailor your programme to your individual needs.

Having designed your individual training programme, logical and developmental progressions are followed. Part of this progression leads me to another great aspect of functional training in that does not use one exclusive modality. At FA-Fitness we integrate multiple modalities, including kettle bell’s, rubber tubing, body weight, suspension training, barbells, dumbbells, stability balls, medicine balls and many more!


EVERYONE! One of the great qualities that Functional Training possesses is that it’s so adaptable, allowing EVERY level of fitness and skill to be targeted. I currently train a wide variety of clientele, not exclusively, ranging from international age group triathlete’s , Rugby players, CEO’s, business managers and owners, health professionals, office staff and those with special health concerns due to previous health events.

The qualification will enable me to establish links with sports teams and a great variety of clients and implement exercise programmes where improved performance at every level will be seen, that I am certain of.


In February 2010, I became an Institute of Human Performance Functional Training Specialist (FTS). Along with two colleagues from the UK, I became one of only 3 FTS in Europe. The training involved many hours of private study and research over the last two years and culminated with a weeklong mentorship at IHP, Florida. The decision to choose IHP was not difficult, with it being the Mecca of Functional Training. The last day of the mentorship saw the FTS exam and ultimately certification. This qualification is very unique and special due to the philosophy and core values that IHP displays worldwide. IHP is a friendly, inspiring and results based environment and it’s a true honour for me to be qualified under their name. JC Santana’s bio and 30+ years of research and dedication to the fitness and sports industry speaks volumes for the value this qualification holds.

JC Santana, Matt Luxton, IHC Functional training, FA Fitness

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JC Santana, Matt Luxton, IHC Functional training, FA Fitness

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