Personal Training

Personal Training with Functionally Aware Fitness. Personal Training is the best way to achieve your goals and have long lasting effects on not only your fitness levels but your day to day life!

Functionally Aware Fitness offers a truly unique personal training service. You can either have a trainer come to your door or you may like to train at our bespoke private personal training studio. Functionally Aware Fitness provides that stimulation and structured environment that sets you up for success. We pride our selves on constant and continued professional development to provide our clients with the best possible service. When you become a personal training client, you don’t just get a generic training programme and sent on your way. Your programme will be specific to your wants and needs and include a specific fitness assessment to measure the success of your programme. The clients who get the best results with us commit 100% to their nutrition and 100% to their training programme.

Current Personal Training client’s goals range from Weight loss to military preparation, from muscle toning to GP referral, to Triathlon specific training and improved daily function for recreational hobbies to semi-professional sports performance.

Please see the testimonials section for information on how our Personal Training clients have benefited from training with us.

Matt Luxton, Launceston Personal Trainer, FA Fitness

Matt Luxton, Personal Trainer, guiding a client on "step-ups"

Matt Luxton’s Hot to Trot Cookbook