The Fad Free Fitness Formula

The Fad Free Fitness Formula

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- Number 1 in Quick Workouts

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I am not going to beat about the bush here, there are so many “quick fixes” in this world that lead to disappointment. If you are looking for a quick fix this book probably isn’t for you. You will be far happier with the short and long term results of applying these fantastic recipes for success.

Myself and the co-authors have taken great pride in the content we have put in this book. Much of the information within will have been relayed as a result of the successes achieved by the clientele served by the authors.

In many respects this book is summed up by the phrase ” Success Leaves Clues”.

I read through the book over the weekend after it was released and was blown away by the openness and willingness of the coaches to give their top tips and little gold nuggets when it comes to succeeding not only in fitness but all other goals you may set yourself.

Here are the chapter titles, I think you will find all of them interesting and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed reading Dax Moy’s chapter, as I could assimilate with a lot of his rationale behind understanding your ‘why’ and achieving your goal. Brilliant.

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Have a fantastic day, I am so delighted with this book I can’t tell you.

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